Unlike traditional Invisalign® treatments that cater to a wide range of complex orthodontic cases, Invisalign® Express focuses on addressing mild to moderate dental misalignments. It typically involves a series of five to ten sets of aligners, which are custom-made to gradually shift the teeth into their desired positions.

One of the primary advantages of Invisalign Express is its shorter treatment duration compared to traditional treatment times. While a standard Invisalign treatment may span several months to a year or more, Invisalign Express typically achieves desired results within three to six months. This accelerated timeline makes it particularly appealing for individuals with specific deadlines or events, such as weddings or reunions, where they desire a straighter smile in a shorter time frame.

Invisalign Express also offers enhanced affordability compared to traditional Invisalign treatments. Since it focuses on addressing minor issues, the reduced number of aligners required for treatment translates into a more cost-effective solution.

Invisalign Express may not be suitable for complex orthodontic cases that require extensive tooth movements or bite corrections. In such situations, a comprehensive Invisalign treatment plan would be recommended to achieve optimal results. We invite you to call Memphis Orthodontic Specialist at 901-767-5415 to schedule a consultation with our orthodontist to determine whether this is the case. Dr. Scott Werner will be able to see which specific orthodontic treatment you need, and whether Invisalign Express treatments in Memphis, Tennessee, are right for you.